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Smart Aquaponics - Intelligent tools for aquaponics development

September 30, 2022

For more than four years, the partners of the Smart Aquaponics project (Interreg France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen), have worked together to develop three intelligent management tools for aquaponic systems: a guide dedicated to training, a digital tool for the design of virtual aquaponic systems with simulations, and an app to track aquaponic system parameters using sensors.


Discover in this video the different aquaponics units equipped with the Smart Aquaponics system in France and Belgium, as well as the practical implementation of the tools.


If you want to know more about the tools that were developed during the Smart Aquaponics project:

  • Learning  : An educational game in the form of an application and a textbook which allows you to learn aquaponics. It contains technical and scientific elements to understand, design and manage an aquaponic system.

  • Modeling : An informatic model to design and simulate virtual aquaponic systems. The simulations estimate the productivity, as well as the chemical and energy components of the system. The simulator can therefore be used as a tool to assist in the design of aquaponic systems, but also to test different management scenarios for the system.

  • Monitoring : Connected sensors to monitor the system in real time, in particular thanks to a cellphone interface that allows remote monitoring of the aquaponics system, generates alerts, access old data and performing simulations to anticipate the evolution of the system.

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