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The aquaponics system monitoring tool allows the user to follow the state of the system, but also to anticipate potential problems. This monitoring is based on connected sensors (pH, temperature, NH4, water level, etc.) and is adapted to small-scale systems and commercial structures. The particularity of this monitoring system lies in the fact that it is based on a dynamic model which, by following the evolution of the parameters, can predict the state of the system.

This dynamic model is associated with a data acquisition chain that collects data from several aquaponics systems. These data interact with the computer model. The data acquisition chain is made up of (i) sensors installed in aquaponics systems, (ii) connecting those sensors to the cloud and (iii) managing data in the cloud. Like the model, the data acquisition chain is adapted to different systems. For example, an aquaponics system managed by an urban community does not have the same needs in terms of accuracy and number of sensors as a professional system. The selection of sensors was done by Howest, the wireless connection of the sensors to the cloud by Vigo Universal and the data management in the cloud by Junia.

Documents :

Brochure informative Smart Aquaponics - Monitoring

This brochure briefly describes:


  • Aquaponics and the evolution towards Smart Aquaponics

  • A data aggregator

  • Types of sensors and data aggregator

  • The "Universal print" box that can be used by all to install the sensors

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