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The aquaponics simulator enables the user to compose virtual aquaponics systems and perform simulations. The simulations  estimate the yields and stability of the systems and help therefore to refine their designs. The simulation integrate the complete design of the aquaponics systems. This tool is intended to be adaptable to a maximum number of aquaponics systems.

Smart Aquaponics tools (online training, design assistance and monitoring) are based on this informatic model that predicts the evolution of aquaponics systems (plant and fish growth, biofilter activity, nutrient concentration, etc.),based on parameters such as the amount of food bought to the fish, temperature, nutrient concentration, pH, etc. The originality of our approach lies in its ability to model aquaponics systems of variable sizes and designs. The model has been developed in the framework of a thesis in the Faculty of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - ULiège.

Aquaponic installation simulator - create an account

The guide below will allow you to use the template via the web interface.

Aquaponics simulator - connection

Documents :

Smart Aquaponics Model - User guide - EN

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