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June 10, 2022

Location - Foyer Communal, place Arthur Lacroix - 5030 Gembloux




10 a.m. - Welcome


10:30-11:45 a.m. - Plenary session  

  • The Smart Aquaponics project - by Haissam Jijakli (ULiège)

  • Teaching smart aquaponics - by Nick Pannecoucque (PTI)

  • The Smart Aquaponics mathematical model - by Benoit Stalport (ULiège)

  • Low Cost Sensors, Data Acquisition System and Aggregators - by Jurgen Van Ryckeghem (Howest)  

  • The monitoring application on SmartPhone - by Christophe Hermans (Vigo Universal)  

  • The Walloon Platform for Innovative Systems in Agriculture and Urban Biodiversity (WASABI) - by Haissam Jijakli (ULiège)  

11:45 a.m. - Visit of the urban agriculture activities of the WASABI platform (in subgroups)  

1:15 p.m. - Lunch & Networking  

2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. - Workshops of your choice  

How to facilitate the development of aquaponics and rooftop farms in France, Wallonia and Flanders?  

We invite the actors of regional planning, public and private developers, administrations in charge of planning and urban projects, to share the obstacles to the development of aquaponics and rooftop farms, and to discuss in order to find together useful levers.  

Panel members:

- Haissam Jijakli, ULiège, Wallonia (moderator and GROOF project)

- Guillaume Dekoninck, l’Echo-Village, Lille

- Ine Petry, INAGRO, West Flanders - Agrotopia

- Camille Herben, Green Surf, Wallonia and Brussels

Getting started with Smart Aquaponics tools: simulation and monitoring  

We invite aquaponics professionals or project leaders to take control of the prototypes of 2 tools developed by Smart Aquaponics partners:  

- How to use the Smart Aquaponics model to perform simulations of aquaponic systems - Benoit Stalport (ULiège)  

- Monitoring application on SmartPhone - Christophe Hermans (Vigo Universal)  

3:30 p.m. - Drinks & Networking  

Le projet Smart Aquaponics (Haissam Jijakli, ULiège)

Documentation :

Smart Aquaponics aanleren (Nick Pannecoucque, PTI)

Development of the Smart Aquaponics Model (Benoit Stalport, ULiège)

Lage kost sensoren, data- captatie en data aggregatie (Jurgen Van Ryckeghem, Howest)  

L'application de monitoring sur SmartPhone (Christophe Hermans, Vigo Universal) 

La plate-forme WAllonne de Systèmes innovants en Agriculture et BIodiversité urbaine (WASABI) (Haissam Jijakli, ULiège) 

Workshop 1 - Comment faciliter le développement de l'aquaponie et des fermes en toiture en France, Wallonie et Flandre ? 

Workshop 2 - Prise en main des outils Smart Aquaponics : simulation et monitoring 

In pictures:

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